Friday, September 30, 2011

Our first time camping with our new travel trailer

We finally got to try out our new travel trailer. We had most everything packed on Thursday September 20th and just had a few things on Friday. We started out after we got off of work. On our way out we realized we had no lights and figured out the the plug cover on the truck was missing so our plug from the camper was not staying connected. We wedged it in until we got there. We stayed at Kestelwoods campground in Wellston, MI. When we set up I had forgot how to set up the awning so that was frustrating. We figured it out though.  We did not get all set up until around 7:30 pm so we just had pizza that we picked up for dinner. I used the shower which was nice, but I think I want to get a wrap around shower rod. I had water on the floor when I was done. Thats where a glass door shower comes in handy. We just sat inside and played a little yahtzee and then laid in bed and watched a little tv and feel asleep around 10:30.

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