Friday, September 30, 2011

Our second night at Kestlewoods campground

On our second day we had to go back home because I left my insulin at home. So on our way back home we stopped at the rv show in Cadillac, Mi. We picked up a few things. We stopped home and then went back to our campground. It was in the 60's during the day. We had hotdogs for lunch. And then Dan took a nap. I went out to the picnic table and got on my computer. We could not get the wifi in our camper. Dan got up and we went up to the little camp store and picked up a few things.They had these really good good humor ice cream cones. Half chocolate and half vanilla with chocolate on top and nuts. We then went back to camp and started a bonfire. Had great intentions on making pizza pockets in the little sandwich makers that you can get for the bonfire. I washed them up and stuck them in the fire to get them warm and one of them melted. Can you believe that? They are metal! So we started up the grill and had hamburgers. We sat outside and played yahtzee by the bonfire while our hamburgers were cooking on the grill. After we ate we went to the shower house instead of using ours and took our showers. They had pretty descent shower rooms. Then back to the camper and played a little more yahtzee and watched cops and had our yummy ice cream cones. Then to bed again fairly early.

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