Thursday, October 13, 2011

Saturday afternoon

Me and my Dad

Country road

Energy wind mill

Energy mill

Dan's drink while playing yahtzee

Saturday night campfire

Campfire and camper

Well it is afternoon and to warm for a bonfire so we decided to go to see my Dad. Were there for a couple of hours. I just love my dad so much. He is the best. We left there and headed back for the campground. Dan had to stop and pee so I got out and took a picture of the ole country dirt road. It turned out nice. I also took some pictures of the energy wind mills. Them things are huge. We finally  got back and had a little bit to eat. Dan started a bonfire and mixed up a jack and coke and we sat back around the bonfire. We thought we would play alittle yahtzee. Well let me share something with you. We were playing yahtzee and my honey put the dice in his jack and coke by accident. He looked at me and we both cracked up. He has done this before not drinking though. But it was still funny. We started to get hungry so we got out our little bonfire sandwich makers and I mixed up pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni  in a bowl and we had pizza pockets. Mmmm good! We sat by the fire and just relaxed. Well it was now time to go in and get our showers. We just layed back and relaxed the rest of the night.

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