Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lake Billings Camping Trip 6/1/12 - 6/3/2012

The office

Live bait and tackle machine. Also has candy bars and chips in it.

Lake Billings

Picnic area

Play area

This is our 3rd camping trip of the year. We set this up about a month ago of course not knowing what the weather was going to be like of course it is going to be a rainy and chilly weekend. We knew it was suppose to rain so I called the campground Thursday night and they let us set up early with no charge. We got out of work on Friday and sure enough still cold and rainy.  We got to the campground around 7 pm. We sat around and watched alittle tv and had some snacks. We went to bed around 10 pm. We both woke up in the middle of the night and had a snack cake and glass of milk. Hey what can I say when you want a sweet you have a sweet! We went back to bed and I got up around 7am. We sat around and had some coffee. We had some visitors so I threw them some bread. Then realized there was a sign that said don't feed the birds. Whoops!

The lady next to us was feeding the big ones by hand. The babies would come right up but the mom and dad would follow and would hiss at me. It was funny. After they left we had a few more visitors that were just as cute. They would not come close.

Mama, Daddy and babies


After watching the critters we put up the canopy in case it started to rain again we could still have a cook out later. Then I came in and made breakfast. We had scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and milk. The bacon was just awful. It had no flavor and did not have any salt. Never will buy that brand again. John Morel in case anyone wants to know. After breakfast I did dishes and swept the floor. We got dressed and went up to Cadillac to pick up a few things. On our way back we stopped at Long Lake State Forest in between Cadillac and Manton. Looks like we will have to camp there some weekend. It is nice and quiet back in there.

Long Lake

Long Lake

We came and it was get extremely windy. It felt like it was going to rip the canopy off the rv so we decided to put it down. Oh my goodness what a big mistake it was out of control windy. We wound up get it down but rolled up our strap to the darn thing. So now when we get home we have to figure out how to get it out. Lol. So we came in and Dan decided to try and get a nap. He was almost asleep and my step mom called and it woke him up. It started to rain again so we sat on our computers and listened to the radio. Looks like we will be cooking dinner inside. Hamburgers and corn on the cob. The corn is not in season but I got some last week and it was really sweet. We sat around for awhile and I was tired so we decided to try to take a nap, but this time with the phones off. I laid there for 45 minutes but didn't sleep. We got up and Dan went to take a shower at the shower house. They are nice. I thought I would take one here, but Dan told me how nice they were so I took mine there too. I came back and we decided we were getting hungry, but neither of us wanted hamburgers or hot dogs and so we had corn on the cob and burritos. Dan had a rib sandwich also. We had quit the combination going. After we ate Dan played around on computer and I watched tv. Then we played some Yahtzee. Dan was getting double Yahtzee's. Gerrrrr! He won two out of three games. It got to be about 10:30 pm and Dan went to bed and I stayed up to read a great Amish book on my kindle that I borrowed from the library. I went to bed about 11:00 pm. I watched the news up until the weather and then out went the lights. See you all in the morning!

Well we had a great nights sleep and woke up to a beautiful sun shiny day. We sure did need the rain, I wish it would have held out for the weekday though. We got up around 7:30 am and I fixed us ome coffee. Then went in to do my hair for the day. When I was done I went out and took these pictures.

Our camper and truck

Lake Billings
Lake Billings
Lake Billings Campground
Lake Billings
More of lake

Mama, Daddy and Babies

Lakeside Dr. We camped off of this street.

We had our coffee and some toast and sat around on our computers for awhile and decided to lay down for a little while. We woke up and it was 10:55 am. We got back up and got ready to go. We loaded everything up and stopped at the dump station. We talked with the office lady Ruth for awhile then went and tossed out the trash and headed for home. We got home and set the camper back up and unpacked everything. Boy were the bugs bad after that rain. We unrolled the canopy by hand and got our strap out  and left it down for a few minutes to dry out from our two days of rain. We had a relaxing weekend. We couldn't have a bonfire or be outdoors but we had a relaxing weekend. See you all soon and thanks for reading. 

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