Tuesday, March 27, 2012

End of Vacation 3/24/2012

Well we started out on our long journey home at 5:21AM. This is going to be a long ride home. The weather was still warm and I did not want to leave. It is suppose to be cooler back home. It figures now that we are going back! I did take pictures on the way home but because we were moving, the bug splatters on the windshield and the fog only one of them turned out and that was when we got into Michigan.

We arrived in Michigan at 1:45 PM

 We made many stops due to a long drive to stretch, bathroom breaks, gas and to eat. We arrived home at 6:30PM. My dog was very happy to see me. We started to unpack and Mom and Kevin came over. It was so nice to see them again. I really missed them. Even my chickens! Lol. We finished unpacking the car and sat to relax and visit for a bit. I had to get on the computer out and share the pictures with Mom and give her and Kev the things we picked up for them. After they left we finished unpacking and putting away our things. Boy do I have the work cut out for me tommorrow. We took our showers and kicked back in our recliners and both started to get heavy eyed. So this is the end of our Vacation. Thanks to all of the people have followed along and look for our travels in the spring and summer when will be out camping. See you all soon!

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