Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vacation to Myrtle Beach 3/18/2012 Day #9

Before I began let me remind everyone that you can click on any of the pics and make them bigger.

Dan was up early as usual. I slept in this morning until 8:30AM when the phone rang and it was someone that had the wrong room. It thundered all night long. I woke up and my neck was still stiff and hurting. I got up and grabbed a cup of coffee and went out to the balcony and could not see anything. Not even the ocean!! The fog was so very thick. Very muggy out side.

This is what I seen off of the balcony this morning.

I sat and had my coffee and finished up the blog from last night and had some toast for breakfast. We decided to eat in this morning. After a quick bite to eat we went down and got in the hot tub and then the outdoor pool. It was cold when we got out so back in the hot tub and then the indoor pool. We bout froze our hind ends off when we got out.

There are two out door hot tubs these are the ones we use.

This is the indoor pool. I couldn't take a pic of the whole pool because people were in it.

Our outdoor pool.

This is the Lazy River
It was too cold to use today. Maybe when the suns out.

After we got out of the hot tub and pools we came up to the room and took showers. Then went down stairs and did a couple loads of laundry. My gosh it has been years since I used coin opperated machines. It took a while because we washed and dried a load of lights and darks and dryed. We got laundry done and brought it up and put it away. 

Me in the laundry room.

Dan outside our hotel while we were waiting for laundry to get done.

Me out side our hotel.

We got ready and went to CiCi's pizza for lunch, it was a great deal $6.49 each for all you can it salad, soup, bread sticks, pizza, desserts and drink. They will make whatever kind of pizza you want and bring it to you. They have about six different kind up there at all times along with cinnamon rolls, brownies and a dessert pizza. Man o man was it good. We felt like we were going to have to roll out of there. Lol. We didn't need gas but I wanted to share the gas prices here with you.

We left the restraunt and went to  walmart for some odds and ends that we needed. After we left there and went to Myrtle Beach War Birds Park. I took a few pic there.

This is a pic of the wall with all the names on it.

We sat there in the park for a while on the swing. It was nice and cool and relaxing. The airport is right there so you could sit and watch the planes come in. There were none that came in while we were there. We stopped at the grocery store so Dan could get some icecream. Then back to the hotel. Dan laid down for a cat nap and I played on the computer doing to my blog.  When I first started blogging I was not aware of the time and hours you could really put it to it. It is fun to do and I hope others enjoy it as I enjoy doing it. After Dan got up we went and got some ice and just sat around for awhile. We started to get hungry so we had some coney dogs and chips. Sat and watched a little tv and called it a eary night. End of day # 9 Day #10 to follow.

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