Friday, March 23, 2012

Vacation to Myrtle Beach 3/23/2012 Day #14

Well this is the last day of our vacation. We slept in a little this morning. We had our coffee and got ready to begin our day. We decided to go have breakfast and go to the flea market in Gatlinburg, Tn. We went across the street to Mel's Diner and had breakfast and then it was off to the flea market.

Mountain View this morning

Another pic of Mountains

This is a pic of pigeon river

More Mountains

Wonder works upside down house

These pics were taken on our way back though going to Gatlinburg

We stopped to the side of the road and took these pic on our way to Gatlinburg

We went to the flea market and I found a few more beads for my braclet and Dan got a muscle car book. After the flea market we wound up go downtown to the shops and where all the entertainment was. We took the sky tram 1/2 way up the mountain where they have shops, food and other things to do.

This was taken out the tram window

Once we got to the top we decided we wanted to go all the way to the top of the mountain, so we took the chair lift up. The view was just breath taking. I took as many pics as I could while I was up there.

After we took pics we went back down the on the chair lift.
I took a picture but it didn't turn out.

This was going back down the mountain

After we got down the mountain we decided we were going to the Ole smokey moonshine distillery. You can watch the moonshine being made and you can taste test it. I tried pink lemonaid, cherry, strawberry and apple. I was all hooched up!! Lol

This is The Ole Smokey Moonshine Distillery
The sell quart jars of all of the flavors for $25.00
and the Cherry and the original is $30.00

After the Moonshine Distillery we head back towards the hotel. We stopped at Long  John Silvers. The new thicker cut cod is delicious. We then headed back to the room and packed up and then went across the street to Mel's Diner and got a sundae. Then came back and sat around and relaxed. We took our showers and watched tv. We are heading out early for home. I will update the blog when I get home. End of Day #14 Last day to follow.

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