Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vacation to Myrtle Beach 3/16/2012 Day #7

We got up and went to breakfast. I was not feeling well today. I woke up and could not even turn my neck. Plus my stomache was not feeling right. After breakfast we were going to go to the car show but one place wanted $10.00 for parking and the other one wanted $5.00. The five dollar parking was full so we decided not to go. I couldn't have made it through the whole thing anyway. We stopped at a flea market and Dan bought me one of those beaded braclets. We wound up going back and getting two more beads for it later. We picked up a few groceries while we were out. We came back to the hotel and just sat around. I had a bowl of chicken soup and Dan had chili and left over pizza. My belly was not up to par and neck was really hurting all the way down in
between my shoulder blades. We did not take any pictures today. Just a quiet kinda day. End of day #7. Day #8 to follow.

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