Monday, March 19, 2012

Vacation to Myrtle Beach 3/19/2012 Day #10

The day started in the usual way. Dan up at the crack of dawn and I slept until 8:30 AM. I got up and took a shower and had coffee while I was getting ready for the day. We left and went to Denny's for breakfast. I don't really care for that place when there are other little pancake houses that have bigger and tastier breakfasts for less money. Anyway we got done eating and came in and decided to walk the beach. Dan said before our vacation was through he was going to walk down to the 2nd Ave. Pier and we did. Almost two miles there and two back. Wow talk about whipped out. Our feet, legs and back hurt buy the time we got back. While we were walking the beach I found this thing that I couldn't indentify.  So on our way back we stopped at this little beach store and the guy said it was the barb off of a stingray tail. They use it to defend their self. He said in the 13 years that he lived here he has never seen one or has known anyone to find one. I told him I would sell it to him for $100.00. Lol

That Pier that is way down is the one we walked past to our old hotel.
Almost a 4 mile walk there and back.

This is the barb off the stingray tail that I found today.

After we got back from our walk. We had some lunch and then Dan took a nap and I went and laid out. Dan called down and then came down and got in the hot tub with me and then we went in the lazy river. I tried to get in the tube and flipped over. We went around about 5 times and then we went in the pool for a while. We came back up to our room and took showers and then went to the store and got some dinner. I got food from China Chef. Sesame chicken, pork fried rice and two egg rolls for $6.75 and Dan got a calzone from Hungry Howes. Mine was great. After dinner we just sat around on the balcony. It started to get cool so we came in to watch alittle tv and relax for the night. It has been a really long day. End of Day #10 Day #11 to follow.

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