Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vacation to Myrtle Beach 3/15/2012 Day # 6

Here are a few great sunrise pics from this morning. Dan was up early as usual and I did not get up until 7 AM. I worked on my blog for yesterday this morning. I was tired last night and did not feel like doing it. This sun and the fresh air really wipes you out. After I was done with my blog we got dressed and took off to go buy our tickets for the Myrtle Beach Sky wheel. When we got down there we called Mom and told her to get on the web cam that we set her up with before we left for vacation so that she could see us. I called and let her know when we were there so she could see us.

This is the camera on the building for the web cam.

After that we saw some dolphins. There were two different sets of them again today. I would love to get pictures of them but they are really fast. We continued walking down the board walk to go get our tickets for the Sky wheel.

This is looking down the boardwalk.

These are pics of the Sky wheel

It was pretty awesome. You only get to go around 3 times but for some reason they took us around 4 times. We had spectacular views from up there.

Dan on the sky wheel. They are glass climate controlled.

These pics are from in side look out of the sky wheel.

After we were done with the ride we went and got a bite to eat and then we went to The old tyme pottery store. They have everything in that store. From pottery vases, dishes, plastic dishes, just alot of stuff. I really love that store. By now Dan was getting tired, so we came back to the hotel and he took a nap while I laid in the sun. He called down to me when he got up and then came down and got in the hot tub with me. We stayed in the hot tub about a 1/2 hour then came up and took showers. We just sat out on the balcony and watched the people and the ocean. We watched the para sailors out on the ocean. It was funny because they got dropped in the water. The water is pretty cold yet. It is only 60 degrees.

We decided to go and take a walk on the beach, but first I had to go to registration and let them know my key was not working. The lady in the office asked me if I had it next to a cell phone because it was cleared off. I said yes when I went down to the beach earlier I had it in the same hand as my phone. So I won't do that again. While were there they told us the car show was going to start at 5 PM. We had a 1/2 hour before they would start cruising up and down the main drag. We decided to go up to the fourth floor in the parking garage and we could get a good view of all the cars. I am just going to post some of the cars. There were two thousand and there will be another thousand tomorrow. It ends on Saturday.

These are some of the car pics. There are way to many to post. We watched them for 2 hours. They through ice out for them to scratch. It was really a fun time watching them and some of the horn sounds were great too, There was one convertible that went by with a woman and her husband and she stood up with her little jean skirt and was showing her stuff to the guys. Then on the way back she must have done something because the police pulled them over and gave them a ticket. It is one thing to ride around town and have fun. That is clean fun and they shouldn't do that kind of stuff, so she deserved it. After the car show we said heck with it and just ordered pizza from our little pizza place. And relaxed for the night. It was a full and busy day. Temps were perfect also. End of day #6 Day 7 to follow.

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