Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vacation to Myrtle Beach 3/13/2012 Day #4

Off to an early start for Dan. He was up at 6 AM. I however slept in for the first time in days. I was up working on my blog until 12:30 in the morning so I got up at the crack of 9 AM. Lol. Dan watched the dolphins putting on a show this morning. He said there were two different sets of them. I wish I would have got up alittle earlier now. I forgot to mention last night when we walked on the beach there was a guy on the beach playing the bag pipes. That was something different. He played Amazing Grace very well. Anyway I got up and got ready to go to breakfast. We went to the Pancake house. Dan had pigs in a blanket and I had my usual eggs, potato's, bacon and toast. Mmm good! When we came out of the restaurant there was a Mocking bird out there. We sat and listened to it for a while.  We left the restaurant and went to a Antique store. We didn't buy anything. I was in a hurry to get out of there. Dan was letting them rip.  After that we went up to the Walmart and Dan got himself a pair of wind breaker pants to wear on the beach. I was in a hurry to get out of there too because as we were going by the nail place he said "You pick color" real loud. I was so embarrassed. He thinks it is so funny though. After leaving there we went to Walgreen's and bought some tee shirts they had 3 for $10. We left Walgreen's and went to a farm market. It was run by Italian people. They had all kinds of different sausages, cheeses and noodles. They had home made spaghetti sauce. It was a real unique store. One of the guys came out and asked us if we liked rice pudding and I said I had never tried it before. He gave some to both of us. I was surprised Dan tried it. It was excellent. It was nice and warm still. Some people like it cold. I liked it just like that. The guy that made it said it was his Grandfathers recipe. Dan said he should have buried it with his Grandfather. Hey at least he tried it. I asked the man that ran the store about the moss growing on the tree's. Remember I was going to find out what it was. Well I did. He said it was Spanish moss and it grows on the southern oaks and cypress tree's. It does not kill the tree's.  So there we learned something new today. After we let there we were off to the grocery store. We came back and ate a little lunch. After lunch Dan took a little nap and I took some pictures.

This is the Spring maid Pier that we walked to. It is about 3/4 of a mile. It was a nice little walk there and back.

The beautiful ocean.

After Dan woke up we head out to the beach for a walk. By then it was getting breezy and cooler. We didn't walk that far today.

Some ducks in the ocean. Every time a wave hit they would go under water. It was funny to watch them.

We came back up to the room and changed in to our bathing suits and went down to the  hot tub and the pool. It was nice and warm in the indoor pool and spa room, so when we got out we froze our butts off. We came back up to the room and took showers and sat around for awhile. It was about 6:30 PM and we were getting hungry so we headed out to Steak and Shake. I love that place. I enjoy eating at the place here because we don't have them back home. We then headed back to our hotel. On the way back I had to get a picture of the big sky wheel. It is giant. It has glass enclosed climate controlled gondolas. We have not been on it as of yet. We will before we leave, however it will be during the day so I can take pictures. Here is the site you can go to it and check it out.  http://myrtlebeachskywheel.com/

Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel

We came back to our room and got ready for bed then got on our computers for a while and watched a little tv. Dan hit the bed around 10 PM and I will be going earlier tonight. End of day #4. Day 5 to follow. Hope you all are enjoying my blog.

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